Uses of Acetone

Acetone is one of our most popular solvents and has a wide range of uses.  Many people are familiar with the distinctive smell of Acetone as it is an ingredient found in some brands of nail polish remover, specifically those aimed at removing ‘long lasting’ nail lacquer such as Shellac.

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Acetone is a clear colourless liquid which is miscible with water; this means that it mixes easily with water. Acetone has a great many uses both as a solvent and as a reagent in organic synthesis, including:-

  • As a heavy-duty degreaser in many industries
  • As a thinner for polyester resins
  • To prepare metal prior to painting
  • To remove residues from porcelain and glass
  • To dissolve superglue before it hardens
  • To thin fibreglass resins
  • As a reagent in biological research applications

Acetone is classified as Highly Flammable and should be used and stored in an area away from sources of ignition, heat and flames.  Customers who buy acetone should be aware that it dries the skin and accidental contact can cause damage to eyes and nasal passages. Always work in a well-ventilated area or under fume-extraction when handling large quantities and avoid breathing the vapours.  Reputable Acetone suppliers provide Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with the product which outline what precautions should be taken when working with it.



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