Uses of Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda is a strong metal base also known as Lye and with a chemical formula of NaOH.  It is one of the world’s most widely used chemicals and annual world products exceeds 60 million tonnes.

You could order some caustic soda from Amazon. It’s especially useful for unblocking drains.

Caustic Soda has many uses including:-

      • In the chemical industry where it is used to neutralise acids
      • In papermaking where it helps to separate the fibres and bleach the wood pulp
      • In animal carcass disposal where it is used to digest tissue
      • In metal etching processes
      • As an industrial cleaning agent
      • As a domestic drain cleaning agent
      • In traditional soap making processes
      • As a catalyst in the manufacture of biodiesel products
      • In the food industry where its diverse applications include noodle manufacturing, olive softening, Chinese 100 year old eggs and Scandinavian Lye Fish production

Caustic Soda is strongly Corrosive and may cause serious chemical burns to skin, soft tissue and eyes.  Reputable Caustic Soda suppliers provide MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) with the product; these sheets give an overview of risks and advice about protective clothing, general product safety and disposal requirements.  Always read the MSDS before starting work.
Caustic soda is also known as sodium hydroxide.

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  1. I have a pressure washing buisines and I am looking to buy in bulk any help would be appriciated

  2. raymer atkins says:

    I stayed in hotel on monday and smell from drains in bathroom was horrendous, bedroom where we were sleeping in a basement. Reported it and was told it was the shower gel? Ha ha got an email from hotel saying they are using caustic soda now, is this safe in such a close proximity to the sleeping area?

    • Hi Raymer, as the Caustic Soda is contained within the drain and is only there to remove fatty deposit from the drains it will present no risk. The bathroom should however have a mechanical extraction to remove steam and smells from the room there should also be some way of getting fresh air into the room.

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